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Technology has transformed us at every front, be it comfort or Education. Wherever there is development in concern, we see technology is involved. 

With the current situation and implications of the long-held pandemic, it has become essential to introduce innovation in learning at a much greater pace. E-learning since last year has already been in talks as the businesses around the globe. 

Moreover, people consider it a growing sector and recognize its benefits not just for the basic necessity and as an alternative to traditional education practices but also to find a sustainable solution to emergencies and development in the future. 

E-learning has effectively brought on excellent and relevant skills currently in demand to an organization’s employees. It helps in the overall development of the organization and professional on an individual level.

What is Integrated Online learning, and how is it necessary to combat the current difficulties?

Integrated Online learning has been implemented as a technology proven to be cost-effective compared to traditional ways of learning. The courses conducted are much of a virtual setting that can be accessible to a broader reach. 

The virtual setup automatically eliminated the need to spend capital over various informative and learning resources whose expenses can be very high. 

The system of online teaching itself is booming. It has come out as an exceptional medium for Implementation of ERP, or training into it is concerned for dealing with more extensive data and analytics. 

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning and can be technically defined as the integrated management of different organizations to carry out functions effectively using online modes using software technology. 

How has the Implementation helped the education system be conducted online?

Many advantages have been introduced into the industry with the Implementation of ERP software or technology. A few of them are listed and given a brief below. 

Introduced and promoted self-paced learning

A key advantage for all those learning online is that they can do it at their own pace and can manage time according to their schedule. It is not only encouraging but also motivational for all those who are professionals already working but trying to come up stronger with the relevant and current skills that the world requires. Downloadable written content, recorded lectures/materials, and collaboration with Co-learners on online platforms make it easy for anyone to access online courses. 

Overall it is in favor of skilling the individual of introducing flexibility in time and speed. 


As we already mentioned in the paragraph above, what you need is just an internet connection. You will be availing of the course by merely sitting at your home, which saves you time and the cost you will put in to travel to the institute for learning. Also, the resources are very readily available online. 

Most of the time, it is downloadable, which further helps you save a lot of money from buying expensive books and other stuff. Overall it is cost-effective for the learners and thus is preferred over traditional practices. 

It helps individuals track their progress

The most effective advantage of this is it enables you to track your overall progress over the tests you’ve given, the project you participated in, and other assessment-related kinds of stuff you have done for the course. Looking at your progress report helps you understand your merit and weaknesses, thus motivating you to work harder on them the next time. ERP interface has already contributed much to all of this. Implementing e-learning tools and technologies has become easier for professionals and students to understand and work upon.

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