The Importance of International GCSE English Literature

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Importance of International GCSE English

The Importance of International GCSE English Literature is well known in the academic world. Taking the course will open doors of opportunities for you and your future. Typically, students opt for higher education and take A levels before entering the world of work. In addition to improving your academic performance, the course will help you communicate your ideas better and improve your critical thinking skills. If you want to succeed in life and the workplace, you should learn to speak and write fluently and understand how to express yourself and your ideas clearly and effectively.

GCSE English Language Specification

There are several differences between GCSE English Language Specification A and B, which Pearson Edexcel uses. For example, the AQA and CAIE specifications have some standard features. The main difference lies in the coursework and the exam. For GCSE, the coursework is more focused on literary works, while the IGCSE requires only writing. In IGCSE, you will not need to register your coursework under controlled conditions since this will help you avoid cheating. The exams will be timed, which means that you can complete them in a reasonable amount of time.

Oral examination and a speaking exam

The new English GCSE specification includes an oral examination and a speaking exam. The pen marking system allows examiners to mark responses on-screen using VPN. However, high subject knowledge is required to keep GCSE English papers in traditional methods. To get the most out of the new English GCSE, you must be sure to prepare your students for the new test.


Another benefit of IGCSEs is that they are not subject-specific. You can start studying them as early as Year nine or ten. Most NZ schools that offer Cambridge will only allow older students to sit the exams, although some schools will accept Year 10 students into an accelerated program. The curriculum requirements will differ for each school, but you must be sure to have the necessary knowledge to pass the exam.

International career

If you are interested in pursuing an international career, you can study IGCSE English. Your future needs to allow you to get a degree. Moreover, IGCSE English is a necessary skill for life and employment, so take it seriously. A student can take the exam in two sessions - one paper is 2 hours long, and the other takes an hour and a half.

UK high school education

The IGCSE English curriculum reflects the standards of the UK high school education system. The IGCSE and GCSE English curriculums require students to write for different purposes and mediums. In addition, both exams require strong essay construction skills. A grade in the IGCSE will make you a good candidate. In contrast, a C- or below-average quality may mean you will not be accepted by leading universities.

Exam in the UK

For students planning to take the exam in the UK, it's imperative to know what the exam will entail. In the UK, a student should prepare for the exam in English. It is crucial to understand that the IGCSE English exam will involve three papers. The first paper will cover the country's language, while the second paper will focus on the country's culture. The third paper is a comprehension test, while the last will be on writing skills.

IGCSE English examination

The IGCSE English examination is based on the same content as the GCSE English exam. The two exams are similar in scope and rigor. Both exams are graded from nine to one. There is a significant difference in the syllabus and the exam level. You can take A Level Computer Science courses in the UK, but they will be graded differently. The GCSE English examination is more rigorous and is intended for a wider audience.


Both IGCSEs have advantages and disadvantages. The IGCSE is theoretical, and students will be guided by their teachers. The IB, on the other hand, emphasizes student interests. The IB will be more holistic, and the IGCSE will require students to engage in extracurricular activities, personal projects, and extended essays. It is highly recommended for students who want to attend top-ranked universities. It will help them gain the confidence they need to take the IGCSE.

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