Splunk Developer Winter 2022 Update - All You Need To Know

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As winter comes to an end, Spring is right close by. It is also an opportunity to participate in the .conf22 Invitation to Speakers! Now .conf22 is right close by, due in June! Updates - additional features are included in the new Splunkbase preview, including a more straightforward private app installation within the Splunk(r) Cloud Platform, Python SDK updates, more exciting AppInspect tests, new information on being prepared. For the next Splunk release and much more!

.conf22 will take place in June, and the Call for Speakers is open!

Could you put it on your calendar? It's coming! Splunk's annual conference for users .conf22 is coming sooner this year in June. We want to hear you share your story. What have you built using Splunk? Do you have an individual dashboard that has delivered benefits to your company? A program that brought in data from a different source so that you could connect your data to uncover new insights? Send your session idea on or before the 28th of February, Monday. You can be able to speak from wherever you are, whether on the stage in Las Vegas or both! I would love to hear your success story.

App Cards are now available in Splunkbase Preview.

Are you using the brand new Preview of Splunkbase to find apps, browse through app collections and explore categories? When you go to an app, you're not redirecting to the old Splunkbase because apps are now available within the preview! We're developing the new experience, part by piece, and this update includes more than 2000 gorgeous app cards!

Facilitating the process of adding private Apps for the Splunk Cloud Platform Easier

Did you check out the blog that announced " Splunk Cloud "Automated Private App Validation" (APAV) General Available"? With the introduction of 8.2.2112 8.2.2112 in the Splunk Cloud Platform, we manually remove the requirement to review all your private apps. This means that you can now entirely self-service apps on the Splunk Cloud Platform, no other support tickets, and no additional maintenance windows for installing and upgrades. No longer do you have to sit and wait around for your application to be in a manual review queue. If you are interested in Splunk then you can join a Splunk course online to learn more. 

Splunk SDK Updates

The Splunk Enterprise SDK for Python v1.6.18 is available, featuring three fixes for bugs, as well as some minor adjustments, including a fix for streaming and creating custom search commands that drop fields that aren't visible on the initial row. Get the latest version!

AppInspect New Checks

A brand new AppInspect v2.15.0 was recently released along with other updates from the quarter, including fixes and new checks:

  • Added check_kos_are_accessible to check that knowledge objects with access control restrictions defined in *.meta files are accessible to customers in Splunk Cloud Platform.
  • Fixed check_for_hidden_python_files to encode in default UTF-8 if it is recognized as using a different encoding.
  • Fixed check_idx_binary_compatibility to check if the script is reading the binary file. The script may be Python 2; change it to Python 3, then inspect the script's contents.
  • Fixed check_for_insecure_http_calls_in_python to detect a particular character string if the provided string was joined.
  • Fixed check_idx_binary_compatibility to raise an error exception if Python 2 code is found.
  • Added check_idx_binary_compatibility checks whether binaries distributed to the IDX tier of a distributed Splunk platform deployment are compatible with aarch64.

Be aware that if an update to a check is made to your application, you'll be given at least three months to change your app before the test is changed from a warning to failed one, and your application will be affected. Learn more within AppInspect API Release Notes, AppInspect API Release notes, and AppInspect CLI Release Notes. appInspect CLI Release Notes.

It's time to update your apps Created with Splunk Add-On Builder.

Have you developed an Add-On using your Splunk Add-On Builder? Version 4.1 is out, and you'll have to export your application and rebuild with the most recent version, which contains essential updates to make sure your application is in sync with the upcoming Splunk Cloud Platform updates.

Being Prepared for Updates to JQuery and Python

With the upcoming Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform versions, which contain the latest versions of Python 3 and jQuery 3, You'll need to ensure whether your applications are up to running these updates. Find out more information regarding the deprecation of HTML dashboards on the " HTML Dashboards Deprecation" blog. Download the latest version for the Upgrade Readiness App or search for it in the update section of your Splunk Cloud Platform update.

Stay up to date

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog until the end! Keep up-to-date with the latest Splunk blog updates and the latest updates for the developer portal by visiting Splunk's " What's new on the Splunk Developer Portal for Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise" page. You can also go through this Splunk tutorial for beginners to learn more about Splunk.

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